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Santino’s In-Ring Career is Over, Announces to Live crowd. #THANKYOUSANTINO

According to several live reports, one from reader Matt Harris, during tonight’s WWE live event in Toronto, Ontario, Santino Marella got on the mic and announced to the live crowd that he had suffered his third neck injury, and his in-ring career is over.

Marella, an Ontario native, went on to say he never had the chance to be introduced from Canada, since his character is billed from Italy.

Santino joined the WWE in 2007 when he defeated the late Umaga to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Santino Marella appears on @TalkIsJericho with @IAMJERICHO

Santino appeared on Chris Jericho’s Podcast Talk is Jericho today and talked with Chris about his new movie coming out in December (Jingle All the Way 2, a sequel to the Arnold Schwarzanegger movie) and also talked with him about his 7 year career with the WWE. Jericho also mentioned the Honk-a-Meter, Intercontinental Championship, and the entire time, Santino is in character.

He talks more about how he broke into the Wrestling business and how he made it to the big leagues, World Wrestling Entertainment.

Check out the interview below-

Listen in on Talk is Jericho, Sit down with Chris as he interviews some of the biggest names in entertainment and discusses the minutia of wrestling, music, television, movies and twerking!! All-ages welcome. No ID required!

Wrestlemania Preview: Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

WWE.com’s Jake Grate: On Sunday, April 6, 30 Superstars will celebrate both the 30th anniversary of WrestleMania and one of the greatest WWE Superstars of all time when they compete in the first-ever Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Announced by WrestleMania 30 host “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan — whose bodyslam of Andre at WrestleMania III in front of 93,000 WWE fans remains one of the most iconic Show of Shows moments — the contest will feature 30 competitors seeking to create a lasting WrestleMania moment, etch their name in the history book and capture the Andre the Giant Memorial Trophy, made in the image of the inaugural member of the WWE Hall of Fame, who was all but unbeatable in the battle royal format.

With so much on the line, this first-time-ever contest promises wild action and free-for-all mayhem, as the only way to win is to endure in the squared circle as 29 other Superstars are hurled over the top rope and onto the Mercedes-Benz Superdome’s floor.

WWE/UFC Legend Ken Shamrock to appear at Battle Arts

He isn’t Barbie’s husband — This Ken is Ken Shamrock — Former WWE Intercontinental Champion and UFC Legend. Kicking ass and taking names since the 90s, Ken Shamrock will be making his way to Battle Arts Academy on March 8th for a special Leg Lock Lesson. The man who made the Leg Lock cool before Kurt Angle made it popular, Ken will be appearing to sign autographs, take photos, and even possibly teach YOU to Leg Lock!

Battle Arts will host him on Saturday, March 8th, starting at 12 and ending at 2 PM. Here is the info and much more details surrounding this awesome appearence!

$50.00 PER STUDENT (includes Lesson, and Personal Photo with Ken (12 P.M to 1 P.M)