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WWE.com Superstars Results – July 19, 2012


Referee: Marc Harris

Santino does a somersault and then he teases with a cobra. Santino forces Jinder into the corner. They lock up and Santino with a cartwheel when Jinder tries for an Irish whip. Santino with a hip lock take down and arm drag into an arm bar. Mahal with a knee and forearm that sends Santino to the mat. Jinder with a slam attempt but Santino with a drop toe hold into an arm bar.

Jinder with another knee and forearm but Santino with a rollup for a near fall. Santino tells Jinder that he was close to winning and Mahal with a punch and he gets a near fall. Jinder with a knee to the upper chest. Jinder kicks Santino in the head and then he hits a butterfly suplex and gets a near fall.

Santino with forearms but Jinder with a knee and cravate. Santino with punches but Jinder with a side head lock. Santino with a Saito suplex and then he punches Jinder. Santino tries to float over but Jinder waits out of the corner. Jinder with a side Russian leg sweep for a near fall. Jinder with a rear chin lock.

Mahal pulls Santino to the mat by the hair and he kicks Santino. Mahal tries for a knee but he meets Santino’s boots. Santino with jabs and a forearm. Santino with a split and hip toss followed by the diving head butt and he reaches for the sock puppet and it is Cobra time. Santino gets the three count.

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