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Wrestlemania: Cobra gets Eliminated from the Battle Royal


Match Breakdown: .. Henry is eliminated by Big Show when he was focused on his last elimination. Ziggler hangs over the ropes and he gets back in. Cesaro with a European uppercut to Cody. Titus is eliminated. Santino gets the Cobra but Miz fights it off. Xavier Woods sends Miz to the apron. Woods punches Santino.

Santino eliminates Miz with the Cobra. Cesaro with European uppercuts to Sheamus. Ziggler hangs from the ropes again. Goldust is setnt oth ea rpon but Sandow but Cody with Beautiful Disaster to Sandow and Goldust holds the ropes down for Cody to eliminate Sandow. Big E eliminates Justin Gabriel while Show head butts Truth. Cara kicks Rey on the apron.

Side Notes: Santino broke the Miz’s Wrestlemania Streak of 4-0 by eliminating him!

Wrestlemania Preview: Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal’s Jake Grate: On Sunday, April 6, 30 Superstars will celebrate both the 30th anniversary of WrestleMania and one of the greatest WWE Superstars of all time when they compete in the first-ever Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Announced by WrestleMania 30 host “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan — whose bodyslam of Andre at WrestleMania III in front of 93,000 WWE fans remains one of the most iconic Show of Shows moments — the contest will feature 30 competitors seeking to create a lasting WrestleMania moment, etch their name in the history book and capture the Andre the Giant Memorial Trophy, made in the image of the inaugural member of the WWE Hall of Fame, who was all but unbeatable in the battle royal format.

With so much on the line, this first-time-ever contest promises wild action and free-for-all mayhem, as the only way to win is to endure in the squared circle as 29 other Superstars are hurled over the top rope and onto the Mercedes-Benz Superdome’s floor.

RAW: Emma-Tino takes on Fandango and Summer Rae


The Overview:
Emma may not have captured the NXT Women’s Championship at NXT ArRIVAL, but the dancing Diva proved, yet again, she is nothing to be trifled with when she earned the win for herself and her maybe-more-than-friend Santino Marella in a Mixed Tag Team Match on Raw. The unlucky recipients of Emma’s second consecutive tapout were Fandango & Summer Rae, who have taken issue with the emergence of both the Australian beauty and the persistence of The Italian Stallion in recent weeks.

Emma and Santino seemed intent on irritating their opponents to the point of defeat by tagging each other in and out repeatedly, though Fandango put a stop to that by punching Santino square in the face. Santino dodged the top-rope leg drop to tag in Emma and his gal pal handled the rest, applying the Dil-Emma tarantula and Emma Sandwich running corner splash while Santino chased Fandango away with the Cobra to prevent any intrusion. One Emma Lock to Summer Rae later and it was time to cue the bubbles and dancing.

Match Breakdown:
The men start things off and after a high five, the referee says it was a tag so the women are going to start off but then we get another high five. They keep high fiving and they go in and out of the ring.

Fandango attacks Santino from behind since he is done with the shenanigans. Fandango with a European uppercut followed by a punch. Santino with jabs to Fandango followed by a forearm. Fandango with a spinning heel kick for a near fall. Fandango with a suplex and he goes up top for the FandangoBama Jam but Santino moves and Fandango lands on his feet. Santino with a punch and split stunner.

Summer tags in and Emma blocks a kick and hits a few clotheslines. Emma with a discus clothesline. Summer with an Irish whip but Summer misses a splash into the corner. Emma with the DilEmma followed by a marching cross body in the corner. Santino gets the cobra to scare Fandango.

Emma applies the Emma Lock and Summer taps out.

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WWE/UFC Legend Ken Shamrock to appear at Battle Arts

He isn’t Barbie’s husband — This Ken is Ken Shamrock — Former WWE Intercontinental Champion and UFC Legend. Kicking ass and taking names since the 90s, Ken Shamrock will be making his way to Battle Arts Academy on March 8th for a special Leg Lock Lesson. The man who made the Leg Lock cool before Kurt Angle made it popular, Ken will be appearing to sign autographs, take photos, and even possibly teach YOU to Leg Lock!

Battle Arts will host him on Saturday, March 8th, starting at 12 and ending at 2 PM. Here is the info and much more details surrounding this awesome appearence!

$50.00 PER STUDENT (includes Lesson, and Personal Photo with Ken (12 P.M to 1 P.M)